Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fine Art Prints on Metal & Clear Arylic

In my explorations of images on the internet, one led me back to an interesting artist site that deals strictly in prints. What really drew me in was that, among their offerings, they print on metal, which, as a copper worker, reeled me in for a closer look.

The site is Fine Art America, a professional network for visual artists, photographers, art collectors, and gallery owners that fulfills each order on behalf of the artists - taking care of the printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, collecting payments from the buyers, and sending profits to the artists. They serve a global population. There is a 30-day money back guarantee that gives everyone a wide comfort zone and insures the initial quality to be high in order to maintain their standing in the marketplace, which they have since 2007.

So I pulled up the info on their metal printing service and here's what I found:

Looks pretty good to me, but this has to be pricey, right? Actually, it blew my socks off to realize how astoundingly affordable they are. Each artist, of course, sets the price about cost to FAA that they require, but since all the cost of materials, processing, handling and shipping are handled, not to mention advertising, who needs a high mark-up?

So I'm looking at one of my smaller pieces, Yggdrasil Rune Greenman:

It just wouldn't have the same intensity on paper or canvas, but on metal? The possibility is intriguing.
Based on the size of my original image, the largest print possibility is 15.63" x 16".  The cost: $92.49. Now that doesn't include shipping. I called their information number about shipping costs and was told that it's entirely dependent on the size, weight and ship to location. They ship UPS. FedEx and USPS.

I was pricing out a metal print for another image that I uploaded to their site (yes, I have 25 images there now) that was twice the size in pixels: 24.38" x 30" (darn close to the original size). It priced out at $142.92.
If you have ever wanted a piece of my copperwork on your walls and don't have thousands to spend,  what a way to go!!!

Fine Art America also can produce acrylic prints, which turns out to mean that the images are printed on clear acrylic. When I was on the line with them this morning I asked if you could shine a light behind these and have the image illuminate (BIG QUESTION!).  I was put on hold so that someone who works with the acrylic prints could give an accurate response.  The answer is YES (rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham!). Illumination prints - NO KIDDING.

So here's their blurb on acrylic prints::
So: Reflection & Passage- Through the Thinning Door
19.38" wide  x 30" high = $177.38

14.63" wide x 16" high = $109.20

To access my images on Fine Art America go to  profiles/shahna-lax.html

I should point out that I chose to have a watermark appear on the online images.  For the record, they don't appear on the actual prints.  I just thought it was a good idea.

I'm going to be changing over my website to their site at the beginning of March.  The cost per year is $30.
To simply create an account and upload up to 25 images is a completely free service.
All of my artist friends, do check it out and see if this would be another treasure to slip into your survival kit.


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