Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Day Copperwork Immersion

Class size is limited to 4.
Immersion begins Saturday, April 4th continues Sunday, April 5th and then resumes the following Saturday, April 11th to allow time for the solvent bath to work its alchemy.
Each participant begins with a sheet of 26 gauge copper approximately 8"square.
Instruction includes:
Using an open-throat shear to cut the outside form; preparing copper to receive transfer of pattern; scribing in pattern; using asphaltum as an acid resist; acid etching; stopping etch and placing copper into solvent bath for a week. Revealing the etching via polishing, flaming, coloring, forming or whatever is required.
The first two days begin at 9am and end ~4pm. Due to waiting times required between processes, each day of the immersion consists of about four hours of actual hands on working time.
The final day of the session begins between 9 and 10am with participants typically bringing their copperworks to completion an hour either side of noon.
Cost for the 3 Day Immersion is $300 which includes all materials.
To register call (719)256-5442 or email .

If you are interested in being informed about upcoming immersions, please email me with your request as well as the month and days of the week that would work best for you.

Preparing your Design at home:

You'll need to bring a finished concept to transfer to your 8” square of copper sheet.

As you're designing you piece, think in terms of thick lines. You might want to include a geometric form (Celtic knotwork, arabesque mandala...) , maybe some calligraphy (your initial, a focus word - maybe a wprd, letter or symbol from a sacred language). Google Image searches can help you find a logo, symbol or tattoo design that you can use. Coloring books can also be a good resource, especially some of the Dover publications for artists. You can also email me early on for guidance if you need a little nudge in the right direction.

Design a form that will take your piece out of the square 8”x8”. Think medallion, shield, arch, hamsa ... I recommend you stay away from “perfect” cicles or pointed stars. You'll also want to draw an inner border within the form to frame it and keep acid from eating away at the edges.

Here is an example of a simple, yet beautiful copperwork created by a first-timer at a 3 Day Immersion: Fluid Islamic geometry, thick lines (inscribed with free-hand designs) and an interesting border design. A little formwork really brought this piece to life!