Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Enlettered Essence

"The Holy Essence of Blessing transformed itself into letters in order to take up residence within the underworlds"
Midrash Tanchuma, Naso 16

This latest illumination is about being as "enletterment". Life is encoded, as we know.  From the standpoint of Hebraic Mystical Tradition, the Hebrew letters themselves .are the matrix of mattering.  All aspects of Life are embedded with a resonant frequency, a song cycle.  

It was wonderful to find that the central spinning geometry precisely incorporated all 22 Hebrew letters beginning with Alef in the center.
work in progress

Two bees find there place to imbibe Divine nectar from the flowers.

I have the sense that the spheres on either side are the sefirot of cHesed and Gevura - "fluid benevolence" and "restraint,"  harmonizing the elements.

I thought of this at first as a threshold piece, something in a garden, maybe a library's garden.  The vertigris patina is so subtly lovely however, that I'd rather see it a bit more protected.  Still as threshold sema, perhaps, but at the covered entrance to a home or a library.  I even think it would make an exquisite crown to Hekhál or Aron Hakodesh (Torah Ark) within an intimate setting, or as a focus piece on a mantle or within a circumscribed sacred space.

The size is relatively small - 25" wide by 14" high by 1" deep.  Lighting from behind would amplify the swirling pattern of the glass plate behind the central geometry and the textured glass behind the two sefirot.

Acid-etched copperwork illumination with cutwork backed in textured glass. Letters are engraved.  Framed in cedar.

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