Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Violets are Blueing in the Green

I woke up this morning with this little tune buzzing in my head from A.A. Milne.  I took it as a sign that the time had come to finally upload the photos I had taken of Art Song Garden as during its exquisite Spring blooming.

I was so excited by the return of the bees that I went crazy trying to capture the little critters at work. They don't exactly hold still while you're trying to catch them in the act.  It seem the bigger, slower ones were the most cooperative.

Bumble bee on crabapple blossoms:

Here's one working on the Black Currant bushes:

Here is my precocious squirt of a Centennial Apple tree that is all of 3 feet tall blooming with everything it's got:

Yes, Dorothy, Nectarines do grow in Crestone, CO - ask the black bear who broke through the fence in the middle of the night last year to get at the yet unripe fruit :

Here is one of the ever beautiful,  hardy and forgiving Caraganas (Siberian Pea Shrubs):

And glory of glories, beyond all hope,  one of the Etrog trees started from seed 4 years ago blossomed for the first time :

She and her mate have spent their lives indoors.  For the first time both are (courageously) living out of doors (for the season). 

Life is luscious!