Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earthly Images and a Ghost Horse

With Earth Day approaching, here are two profound internal processes that have emerged from intracellular space.

Acid-etched and fretworked copper with colored pencil and Vitrail enamel. Fretwork backed in mulberry paper.
Placed on plywood backing and surrounded by fertile earth.
20” x 20”
Here is the description I wrote up and sent to friends:

Shimmering emerged from a Directive regarding sounds I perceived encircling the Earth. Not music, exactly, more like a high pitched chorus of voices that I can best describe as shimmering.  I couldn't tell at the time if the shimmering sound was coming from the Earth and radiating out or if the sounds were entering the Earth's atmosphere from an external source.  The "seed syllables" I was given to include seem to suggest the former.  The Alef and Bet are the first 2 letters of the Hebrew alphabet -- the Alef (on the left), is open to all four directions and emits no sound but contains all sounds; the Bet (at the bottom) being an incubator of possibilities and directional (opening in one direction only), suggesting a timeline of sorts - evolution perhaps. The other 2 symbols are Tibetan.  The one at the top is Bam, written in uchen script, is associated with the element of Water and with protection of nature and the environment (I didn't make this up, I'm just following instructions regarding what symbols to include). On the right side is Hrīḥ is, the seed syllable of great compassion - Govinda describes hrih as the "inner voice, the moral law within us, the voice of conscience, of inner knowledge". He links this with what he calls the emotional principle of goodness, compassion and sympathy, as well as with the illuminating aspects of the sun: light, making things visible, the faculty of perception, of direct vision.  I am unfamiliar with Tibetan seed syllables per se but this is what I could find about the symbols I was to incorporate into a "sound vision."  As you can see, blue became an important element, both in the etching process and in the mulberry paper that backs the fretwork planet. That particular hue of blue is also around the copper's perimeter border, in the letters and the interwoven half-circle of antennae,  in the form of an iridescent medium which took on that appearance.  The whole is embedded in Earth itself.

Here are some of the thoughts I received in response:

from Larain Matheson
I thought and felt the throat chakra in this piece  of Shimmering. It represents the vocalization, self-expression and its color is blue with the element of ether. It looks like an aerial view throughout the windows into the ethers of space… 

from Anne Barber-Shams 
George Gamov said we live in an ocean of whispers left over from our eruptive creation. These whispers come from the hydrogen atoms in space, emitting radio radiation. There is a very slight instability in the hydrogen atom that causes it to disgorge a quantum of energy ONCE in about every 11 MILLION years. There are so many hydrogen atoms because of the vastness of space that these single PEEPS of energy every 11 million years amount to a continuous radio roar.

from Leigh Ann Philips
In the ancient Celtic culture, actually the Tuatha de Danaan, the Shimmering was how the Druids traveled inter dimensionally. There were certain sounds that created certain primordial doors, so the story goes.  and also

A sound vision is a visual mantra. That is how and why I am etching ancient mandalas on the bowls these days. It amplifies the intention of the sound, can also help manifest, as well as there is inherent beauty in this artwork.
from Robin Ross
Blue: with medicine Buddha mantra, all beings and the earth are simultaneously infused and radiate Buddha's azure blue healing light. The whole world is filled with this blue healing light...

and my own subsequent reflections
The evening after getting the mud on I felt agitated and disoriented.  I needed Flower Essences. After a long session that brought me back into balance, the final Essence which was called for in 7 times the strength of everything else I tested for was Bowl from the Perelandra set of Nature Program Essences.
Here is an excerpt from the accompanying description:

...Visualize,... the planet as a container of these impulses. Energy held beneath the Earth's surface. This energy is seated within the very soul of the planet, seated within its heart.  It is there to be released and integrated into all levels of life on the planet.  Now picture one small co-creative garden on the planet's surface.  See it as a window into the interior of the planet, into its soul.  As the gardener works to align this garden to the new dynamics, watch the window open and the energy contained within the core ... gently gravitate to be released through the window.  Feel the sense of relief and freedom within the Earth's core as the energy moves outward and up.  And watch the actions and the form living on the Earth's surface .. shift to reflect the impact of the heart energy that has now surfaced.  That which exists on the surface has begun to connect to and integrate with the heart and soul of the planet, which, in turn, is fully aligned with the heart and soul force of the universe...

In 1992, an energy bowl one hundred feet in diameter formed in the Perelandra research garden.  The bowl contained a thick liquid, golden in color to some and blue to others... 

Acid-etched and fretworked copper with colored pencil, wax oxides and Vitrail enamel. Fretwork backed by amber mica. Framed in mahogany.
19” x 19.5”
Shortly after finishing Shimmering I was given another vision, which, after searching every mythology I could find to try and decipher what it might mean, this description knocked on my door (in the guise of Karin Di Giacomo) and answered my bewilderment:

The original vision was of a celestial horse bearing a cloak in the process of turning around. This, somehow, in relationship to the Earth that was in rapid fire communication mode.

What you see is a ghost horse, or maybe a horse-like cloud shape thundering Earthwards towards the exchange of intense emotions symbolized by the cantillation marks etched into the woven grid lines.

What I (now) imagine to be happening here is the return of the essence of the messenger as reported by Malachi 3:23-24

Here do I send you Eliahu Ha'Navi before the great and terrible day of Havaya.
That the hearts of parents be reconciled to return and rest upon their children,
and the hearts of children be reconciled to return and rest upon their parents -
lest I come and annihilate the Earth completely.

Considering the present state of increasing climate chaos, corrupted communications and a poor world indeed that we are leaving to the generation directly behind us, for me this vision has engendered a sense of hopeful anticipation.

As always, any input or reports of horse visions in your life will be received with great delight.

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